Mono Bluetooth Earphone

Mono Bluetooth Earphone

Model Number: BH-078

The BH-V10 mono Bluetooth earphone, with embedded Swarovski Crystal, looks fashionable and luxurious. It is specially designed for women. By use of Bluetooth V2.0 technology, this Bluetooth earphone is ideal for use in offices. Coupled with Bluetooth dongle, the mono Bluetooth earphone makes you enjoy clear, hands-free chatting on SKYPE, MSN or web phones when you are on the go.

Features of Mono Bluetooth Earphone
1. The mono Bluetooth earphone supports Headset Profile and Handfree Profile.
2. Last number redial, call rejection and adjustable volume, etc.
3. Through the use of Bluetooth wireless transmitter, the mono Bluetooth earphone makes online chat a reality.
4. The hitch earphone is dashing, exquisite and provides utmost comfort.

1. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V2.0, compatibility with V1.2
2. Chip: ISSC 1632
3. Transmission distance: 10M (Class2)
4. Frequency: 2.4 GHz
5. Weight: 9g
6. Standby time: 80 hours
7. Talk time: 4 hours
8. Charge hour: less than 2 hours
9. Power supply: DC5.0V/120Ma
10. Battery: Rechargeable built-in lithium battery
11. Working voltage: 3.3--4.2V
12. Color: Black, white

1. USB charger
2. USB charge cable
3. User manual

Packaging: Gift box

1. Make sure the battery temperature is kept between 15°C and 25°C, for ideal charge capacity and long lifetime.
2. It is recommended to fully charge the headset before you use it for the first time.
3. The mono Bluetooth earphone should be of full charge and power-off state for a long period of storage, and you are expected to charge it every three months.

All our mono Bluetooth earphones are warranted for 13 months. During this period, we will take back or replace any goods with quality problems and pay related freight.

Our mono Bluetooth earphone is compatible with PS3 game consoles and famous branded Bluetooth cell phones. Coupled with Bluetooth wireless transmitter, it can be used for online voice chat.

We is a professional mono Bluetooth earphone manufacturer in China. We also provide multipoint mono Bluetooth earphone, PS3 Bluetooth headset, headband stereo Bluetooth headset, iPhone speaker, and many others.

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